Sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

If better is possible then good is not enough.

The Speiro Group is focused on helping businesses, organizations, and individuals grow and develop. That’s my passion. My mission is to better equip you to achieve your goals. By facilitating the discovery of what is most important for your business you can be confident you're investing your time and resources in the right areas.

Make the right decisions to move your business forward.

Knowing where you want to go is only a first step.  It takes a well thought-out plan to pave the way. The Speiro Group facilitates the process to identify what information is most relevant to your business and work with you to develop strategic initiatives and align resources to achieve your goals.

I’ve spent time in large corporations learning a new business planning process each year. What I found was similar activities with different descriptions. So I’ve stripped all of the various methods down to the core consistent elements, and created a strategically simple process that will work for any business or organization in any situation.

I call this process

You need information to make effective decisions. There already exists a significant amount of knowledge across your organization. I provide tools to collect and consolidate the information in a useful format across key business areas.

Consolidating knowledge is an important first step but it is then necessary to move from information to insights to implications. By evaluating your business situation from various perspectives, you begin to see patterns and trends emerge. You can then clearly identify your core business challenge and establish realistic objectives to effectively address this challenge.

Once you know what most directly impacts your business, it is time to put initiatives into action.  Whether it's realigning current resources or developing new tools, I can help put effective initiatives in place to drive your business forward.

The Achilles heal of most great business plans is a lack of key metrics and measurement. This often-overlooked step is crucial in determining the overall effectiveness of your initiatives. I can help put a together a thorough measurement plan that will provide insights for future planning to better understand what is working and what needs to change.

Something I can help with? Let's connect.

If you have a business situation that you think I may be able to help with, I'd be happy to talk with you about it. The first step is always a conversation. It's important to me to make sure I'm the right person for the job. If it turns out I'm not, maybe I know someone else who is a better fit.

- Scott

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